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Did you know France is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations? Think Paris, the Loire castles, the stunning sunny French Riviera (300 days of sun a year), the Landes, the Alps… Think great food, wine, great art and basically savoir-faire all around you. And the Frenchies. And their language… Is speaking French one of your dreams? Would you like to feel more confident in French instead of having French waiters immediately switch to English when they see you? Have you signed up for lessons, tried learning French on your own, downloaded all the free apps, mp3s and worksheets available out there… and still feel like you’re not really getting somewhere? Or have you studied for some time and have made progress but now are stuck at a plateau? If this sounds familiar… you are not alone. Wherever you are at, you need someone to meet you there. At some key moments it’s all about you practicing. And it’s easier with someone who has a map, a strategy, plenty of experience and who actually cares for the results you get. I can help you take your French to the next level, feel more confident while speaking French (and fall even more in love with the French culture, cuisine and savoir-faire!). I also like to share my “bonnes adresses” and my coups de coeur. And working via Skype keeps things easy and agile – no more wasted time!

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