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Authentic amazing down-to-earth experiences. Learn French now.

3 Day VIP in Paris

Have an amazing first-class TOTAL IMMERSION language experience along with a makeover & photo shoot in Paris!

  • Bring out your Frenchitude in just 3 days
  • TOTAL IMMERSION Language experience
  • Makeover with French stylists
  • Photo shoot with professional French photographer
  • Plenty of fine food & Chic Snacking
  • Stunning Sightseeing
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30 Day French Immersion

Sound like a Parisian in just 30 days with this online and one-on-one training. Change how you are perceived by locals. Lifetime access to program updates.

  • Improve your spoken French now
  • Rewire your brain, the French way
  • Learn more about French culture
  • 4 weekly one-on-one sessions to fine-tune progression
  • Easy to access sessions (mobile, iPad, computer)
  • Lifetime access to program updates
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Jump Start Kit

Planning a trip to France? Get off to the right start with this kit packed with useful language videos, worksheets and helpful cultural tips.

  • Confidently order in restaurants and cafés
  • Learn how to buy tickets
  • When to say "tu" and "vous"
  • Asking for directions
  • Tips for when you are invited at someone's home
  • At the boulangerie, fromagerie, marché...
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Béret et 5 baguettes

  • What if, instead of a tourist accent you could upgrade your game, change league and pronounce like a natural speaker?
  • What if, instead of being apprehensive or uncomfortable when the waiter comes up to your table or someone talks to you in French, you felt totally confident of how words were going to come out of your mouth?
  • What if, you upgraded the way you show up, what if you sounded like a French person…  The programs above have been fine-tuned several times to allow you to experience precisely this quantum leap.

And I am currently setting up new packages to continue to easily reach your new goal on your language journey.  A few spots are still left to work with me one-on-one to immediately take your language skills to the next level.  And schedule allowing, if you have:

  • a keynote to do in the next weeks
  • a speach to deliver
  • new clients or future in-laws to make a good impression on…

Contact me at young.bondi@gmail.com

The Art of Sounding like a Pro with your French Pronunciation Expert